Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sacred Holiday

A sacred holiday for me is Halloween. Every year my husband and I have a huge Hallowen party with lots of scary decorations, crazy costumes, and great food and drinks. I start prepping for it at the end of August,and each year we try to out do the previous year. I identify with Eliade's abolition of norms because on that day, I am no longer a wife, student, or preschool teacher, I am Snow White and must dress and act the part. My friends and family turn into different people and their bizarre behavior is not accepted, but  it is condoned and expected. This is my favorite night of the year when everyone's inner crazy comes out for a little fun.

Video from class

The video from class I believe is about the cycle of life and finding our way back to the begginning. It was about the cycle of time from birth to death to repeat. Eliade's idea of the regeneration of time is evident by the cycle of the leaves from the tree. I believe that the leaves represent people and the tree is the tree of life that we are all connected to.Eliade's myth of eternal return is repeated not only by cutlural rituals, but by nature itself as evident with the mataphor of the tree.

Favorite Movies
  1. The Wizard of Oz
  2. A Beautiful Mind
  3. 300

My name

Elizabeth is orginally Hebrew and means "Oath to God". I'm named after my great great grandmother on my mother's side who was Ora Elizabeth, I'm so glad my mom picked Elizabeth instead of Ora.
My sacred centre is my office, all my favorite things are in there and that's where I work, learn, and create the best.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ariadne's Clue

Interesting Quotes

  • Numinosity coincides with with an awareness that behind our personal intelligence , a deeper intelligence which nourishes, guides, and informs our daily existence. Whether this deeper understanding is in fact God or whether it is the evolved intelligence (the collective unconscious) of our species makes no difference to phenomenology of the experience. 
  • The Ultimate Secret declared Monoimus is not to seek God outside in the universe, but inside oneself.
  • What appears sacred to a member of one culture appears profane to a member of another. For this reason there is no such thing as a false religion : All religions are true for those who believe in them.

Confusing Quote
  •   The material necessary for making the Philosopher's Stone was readily available to all, but that people failed to recognize it : This matter lies before the eyes of all ; everybody sees it touches it, loves it, but knows it not ...
My husband told me that the material was Life.

A Nightmare

I dreamt that it was my first day as a substitute  teacher and I was calling roll. Everytime I would speak the students in the class grew. For every word, I said the children began growing out of their desks, and then when I was quiet , they would shrink back down to their normal size.